Charles Barkley

3 piece from south bend, indiana

April 17, 2012 at 4:15am

Hype Machine

today, we attempted to record a song with audacity. i had to get ready for work and wasn’t paying much attention while wolfgang was tracking. everyone eventually peace’d. when i went to listen to what we had so far, it was gone. and here we are. i’m still trying to see if there is any way to salvage it. who knows. 

we’ll be recording a few more in the upcoming days. hopefully without any bullshit. these songs will probably be on the still unannounced split with marital roles. or maybe we have already, who knows. the band that no one will  care about will be having shit soon.

the song that’s going on the foursome will be recorded with nick on thursday, we hope. i’ve pretty much been repeating myself about all this. i get bored, sorry. 

how are our 14 followers day/night going? mine’s been kind of shitty. 

so yeah, two splits and the EP (G3T THROW3D) and tryna tour with marital roles this summer.


our side noise fuck project has hatched it’s egg and is growing rapidly

listen at your own expense. 

so from my two bedroom apartment on quiet street, i leave you. 

oh fuck, i forgot. here’s a teaser:


- damian

April 16, 2012 at 12:24pm


i think we are about to record our songs in my basement. the ones for the marital roles split. i’m stoked annnd they probably won’t come out well. but whatever, we are a lo-fi emo band. on a side note, we never intended for this to be a serious band, so don’t think that’s what we’re trying to do. it’s fun and we like working with other bands. 

April 4, 2012 at 7:42am

Steady rockin’

wolves ov thee sunn

this is our drummers side project:

it’s free, check it out if you’re into that type of stuff. expect a few other side projects coming from barkley as well. wolfgang and i started a noise project called “fleshlights” that will have way too many albums, be really offensive, and not make any sense. not that it matters, you’ll just see soon enough.

ethan has slurred terms. his sad acoustic jawnsfest. check it out if you haven’t and get sketched out about being alive. i really wish i knew how to use links the easy way. (why i’m alone is the mother fucking jam)

ethan also plays bass in the one and only, boner. will boner that is. they’re doing tour or something with old gray, so check that shit out. i think i spotted some new shirts the other day too, lookin’ hot.

but honestly, who the fuck doesn’t know william bonney already? 

i (damian) might have some stuff to show people soon for what i’m doing. but probably not. 

get throwed 


April and shit

i made our demos look organized and nice for no particular reason. nothing has changed with them but you do get that nice paint did cover… NOT. we’ll probably put this on tape soon and give them away to anyone. along with pacthes/buttons/maybe even shirts? our good pal zach quella will be doing that stuff for us. check what he’s doing over at shit looks so nice. in other news, we’re getting our shit together enough to record (for the split and other endeavors) so look for a couple releases in the coming months. and in even more exciting news, we might be adding a second guitarist. but that’s only for our ears as of now, babyboos.

love all 4 of you following this. 

PS here’s another links to find zach’s printing stuff

- damian

March 25, 2012 at 3:58am

one more thing, the cover that everyone’s seeing for the split will not be the final cover. it isn’t very good and needs some changing as does the title. 


okay so, we’re charles barkley. comprised of damian, our drummer wolfgang, and ethan of william bonney fame. we’re from south bend, indiana. we somehow found our way to the internet and it seems like a lot people are getting to know about us, which is really cool (thanks nick!) as you’ve probably heard we are doing a 4 way split with park jefferson, my head in clouds, and mane horse. we’re really excited about it even though nick doesn’t really tell me anything, but it is for sure happening. our song for it has yet to be decided, but we should pound it out within the next few weeks with a nice recording and vocals. while on the topic of our songs, if you’ve listened to those weird demos rest assured that those are just two or three part glorified jam sessions and not what our songs will actually sound like. as far as the future is concerned we’re doing a 3-5 song demo/ep thing that we’ve already started writing for that should be out within the next month or two. it’s called “get throwed” and we really hope people can dig what we’re doing, if not, oh well. we’ll be releasing it ourselves on tape and cd so look out for that. and beyond that, we’d be really down to tour at some point if school/jobs don’t interfere. that’s pretty much all, expect more things in the coming weeks.